Hi, I’m Ashley!

The mama behind Real Little Meals! As a mom to two, I know how stressful feeding little ones can be. That’s why I love helping other parents provide simple, healthy meals that your toddler and whole family will love. From quick and easy snacks, to full meals, I’ve got your mealtimes covered. 

Feeding my toddler was initially a source of stress for me. As my little one got older, he became picky and would only eat the same few things. I decided I had enough of that and wanted to provide a wide array of healthy options he could learn to love. Through trial and error, I started making food for him that was simple but nutritious. Now, if he won’t eat it, I don’t stress because I didn’t spend hours making it! I know that with exposure to food, he will learn to like more things. 

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marriage and Family and have always been interested in child development and how it relates to mealtime. I like to make mealtime as low stress as possible. I follow the division of responsibility advice, “the parent chooses what food to provide, and the child decides how much to eat.” I don’t force my kids to take bites. I don’t make them feel bad about not eating certain things. I trust them to know how much their body needs, and over the week it will all even out. 

Hopefully I can help you take the stress out of mealtime too. Follow along as I feed my kids, and help you feed yours along the way!